Back to basics....

My many remakings are remarkable in their own way. Each, to varying degrees, includes body, mind, and spirit. Each requires being proactive, rather than reactive.

Running always provides the necessary rubric. Running enables me to: regroup; renew; rework; reorganize; remember; and reenergize.

Running is not static; it requires constant movement. So too do I. Running is my restorative.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

40 day remaking

starts today.  I have been doing bits and pieces of different things that have brought me to this day.  I am feeling good and ready for what is next.  This is a perfect time for the next formal remaking.  My remakings often end with a race.  This one won't, but that's okay.  It will end on October 29th - why not?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Welcoming a new day

I am starting some days with even the shortest of walks and I am so much better for it.  I listen to a podcast and I look around me.  The fresh air and natural setting somehow ground me and better prepare me for what have been hectic and diverse days.  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

After a long day ...

It's nice to sit for a few minutes with some tea, a catalogue, and a few library books.  I'm waiting for the bread I baked to cool so I can add it to my Son's lunch.

Having the windows open for some fresh air and sounds of nature is a welcoming reminder that my favorite time of year is beginning.

I didn't get so much done, but I will focus on the things I did get done, including a bit of yoga and a bike ride.  Fitting in activities is as important as anything else at this time.  My recent remakings have  been incomplete.  Not this time....

Monday, September 8, 2014

Miscellaneous thought

I wonder if I ever won't ache in parts of my body I didn't know existed....  I love being active, which I was today, but I don't like having difficulty getting up from a seated position.  I will comfort myself by thinking that I am just a bit more fit today than yesterday.  Now I will exercise my brain with some reading....

Monday - attitude matters

Today will be a great day.  A morning walk after my 5th grader gets on the school bus is a start.  A positive attitude will make a great day more possible.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ready for more

August will be a month of summer adventures.  Recently, I have been trying different apps and approaches to getting and staying on track.  I am feeling good.  I am reading, writing, and doing.

I am accepting the fact that life will bring change.  Just when I think I am settling in, something happens.  My ability to deal with the somethings is making me stronger and more certain of me.

Change has been a constant - my dog died in November; my stepson died in April; and my Mom transitioned to long term care during the first half of this year.  Challenges have accompanied each of these events.  My ability to deal with those challenges is telling.

In August, I will take and make time for me. I am a better person when I do that. 

Today is another day of greatness.

Monday, June 2, 2014

It's time....

Time for something, though I am not sure what.  I have been busy.  I am living the expression, life is what happens when you're making other plans.  I intended for my 50th year to be for me, which was a great intention that lasted for less than a month.

Presently, I am settling into a new focus - remaking myself, yet again.  One of my stepsons died suddenly, and we placed my Mom in a long term care facility.  As part of that, I broke down her condominium.  The emotions associated with those events have been overwhelming.

I will spend this month trying to sort everything out.